Decorative Wood Carvings and Ice Sculptures by Jarrett W Dahl

Animal Sculpture

Jarrett W Dahl of Sculpture by Dahl expresses his love for nature through animal sculptures. His mastery in sculpting wood and ice is evident in the timeless masterpieces he creates. Known for his amazing eagle designs, Jarrett Dahl enjoys creating sculptures out of different materials.


Jarrett Dahl | Wood Sculptor from Aspen 82 on Vimeo.



First Place Winner in the
Alaska State Championship

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Sculpture by Dahl creates wood carvings and ice sculptures, and specializes in custom art and archways. Well-known for his attention to detail, his work can easily be told apart from his contemporaries. Jarrett Dahl has travelled all over the US and Canada to compete in numerous wood and ice sculpting competitions.

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